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KLIPS 2.0 is the Campus Management System of the University of Cologne. It provides important information and applications for planning and organizing your studies such as for the:

  • Downloading and printing out of documents (applications, transcripts etc.)
  • Registering and withdrawing registrations for exams and courses
  • Viewing of exam results
  • Checking of the payment status of social fees
  • Managing of course plans and personal appointments
  • Sending of emails about room and schedule changes
  • Searching for teaching staff, institutions, rooms and courses

You can find the KLIPS 2.0 portal here: https://klips2.uni-koeln.de/ (language can be switched to English).

If you need help, there is a well-organised online help in English here: https://klips2-support.uni-koeln.de/en/

Services for Enrolled International Students

The University of Cologne provides some information for enrolled international students in terms of the organisation of their studies at the University of Cologne and concerning life in Cologne in general. You can find the pages here:


The Student Board (Fachschaft)

The Student Board (Fachschaft) of the Insitute of Archaeology is an elected friendly group of students that can help you with finding your way through your studies. The Fachschaft  holds regular meetings and organises various student events. If you are new to Cologne, the student body might be the perfect place to have a first contact. You can contact them (also in English) though their webpage: https://fs-archaeologie.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/.

Module Manual

The module manual is the document which describes your study programme and lists all the modules you need to take. When having a question about your study programme, please have a look in the module manual first. You can have a look at it here