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The city of Cologne and the University of Cologne

With a population of over one million people, Cologne is the largest city in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest city in Germany, combining the advantages of a large metropolis with those of a small city. Located in the heart of Europe on an ancient trade route – the river Rhine – Cologne has always had an international outlook. Cologne offers many museums, art exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, cultural events, international-level concerts, and, of course, the Cologne Carnival, the city’s  “fifth season”. Cologne also has a booming economic sector – commerce, trades, banks, car industry, international corporations – and is one of Europe’s most important media hubs, with a variety of television and radio broadcasters.

As one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe, the University of Cologne was founded in 1388 and offers a broad spectrum of disciplines with a strong interdisciplinary emphasis. The university has a long tradition of close relations with persons and institutions from around the world, and today maintains a network of top-notch partner universities.

Cologne is also a popular study destination for international students in Germany due to its affordable living cost as well as its authentic living atmosphere. Studying in Cologne means you get to be part of a diverse environment of people since the city is quite international and people tend to easily adapt to it. Currently, there are 50.000 full-time students enrolled at the University of Cologne (summer semester 2022). 4.000 of them are international students, both degree seeking and exchange students.

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Accommodation in Cologne

Photo: © Lisa Beller

Finding accommodation in Cologne is tough and demanding for students, as in other large German cities. The need of housing is high especially in the beginning of the semester, therefore we recommend to begin to search for an accommodation as early as possible from your home country. There are student dormitories, apartments to rent alone or a single room in a shared apartment. The prices vary. For more information visit the relevant webpages of the International Office.

Further information

For further information on living and studying in Cologne, please visit the Immigration & Residence pages of the International Office.